Content Strategy

We understand that you can be easily overwhelmed at the options available in online marketing. Where do you begin? Link Love Media is here to establish your brand with right web presence and the right web content marketing strategy that will maximize your return on investment, so you can focus on running a successful business and not having to worry about if you’re allocating the appropriate funds to your business’s online presence.

You can expect:

  1. Company messaging you can use in all of your online, print marketing and public relations activities.
  2. Improved organic site rankings for targeted terms on Google search
  3. If you are a local service provider: optimized Presence on hundreds of local directories, including Google Local, Yelp and others.
  4. Our services in providing and implementing branding content in the form of business blogging, guest blogging, website content and active involvement in online communities.
  5. A strategic content marketing plan delivered to you in an easy to understand format that you can understand and see quantifiable results.
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